Vintage KLH Music Systems

Bedford Vintage Hi-Fi collects and recycles vintage KLH integrated stereo systems.

Partially functional KLH Model Eleven, Model Twenty and Model Twenty-Four integrated music systems (base units) are offered for a nominal charge of $20.00 to $50.00 plus packing and shipping charges. Perfect for restoration, parts sourcing and similar DIY activities. 

Please note that we DO NOT stock and vend electronic parts and mechanical assemblies for KLH systems. Most of our sales of base units are to hobbyists for restoration or to DIY suppliers who will take our units and part them out for sale.

Most of the systems we carry are partially functional but we never intend to represent them as suitable for immediate usage. Every so often we do dispose of what we would describe as a WORKING system (as opposed to a system for RECYCLING). We can describe these systems in some detail and, of course, they sell for a higher price than RECYCLING systems.

I am not a technician. I am an enthusiast, recording engineer and historian of audio technology. While I can tell you a good bit about these products and their usage, I cannot tell you how to repair them.

I often have as-is component accessories for sale. This includes things like spindles, knobs, cables, headshells and various cosmetic items. We can also help with manuals and schematics.

We frequently stock "as-is" KLH speakers ranging from fair to good condition. We also offer Gotham interconnect and speaker cables, terminated with high quality Amphenol RCA connectors, for use with KLH systems and other 1970's era components.

Please understand that our available KLH inventory fluctuates with our personal purchases, buying opportunities and the state of our personal finances. So what we can offer is very much a hit or miss thing. Frequently there's not much here for sale. Selling used KLH pieces is not a major source of income for BEDFORD VINTAGE HI-FI. We are simply trying to provide a useful service to the community of Kloss lovers and to recoup some of the costs of collecting KLH.

Current KLH inventory in Nazareth, PA

    A very old unit with putty color AT-6 turntable and 3 digit serial #.
    No power cord or accessories.
    Outer case and hinges intact.
    $20.00 + packing & shipping
    A bit newer unit with standard grey AT-6 turntable, power cord and spindle.
    Outer case and hinges intact.
    $35.00 + packing & shipping
    (2) with poor condition housings
    $15.00 per pair + packing & shipping
    (2) with good condition housings with some looseness in soft plastic edging
    $36.00 per pair + packing & shipping
  4. We have a complete KLH MODEL TWENTY that we were planning to put up for sale as a working unit. All functions were working but during final testing it lost power - bad capacitors in the power supply are causing a fuse to blow and other capacitors for audio are failing. So it is now up for sale as a RECYCLING piece.
    It has the standard plastic dust cover (OK condition) with KLH badge and working hinges.
    Base unit offered to hobbyists and DIY types for re-capping and/or recycling: $45.00 + packing & shipping
  5. We have a set of MODEL TWENTY SPEAKERS that can go with this (item 4).
    Speakers are working but wood needs refinishing. Haven't opened them up to check driver condition.
    Overall condition would be fair.
    $40.00 for the pair + packing & shipping
  6. We recently took in a KLH MODEL TWENTY SYSTEM from an elderly friend.
    Cosmetically the base unit looks quite nice. Changer works but certainly needs cleaning and lubrication. Tone Arm is sticking a bit so this will need work and adjustment. The jacks that take the speaker outputs need to be remounted. The one channel we could connect was passing audio.
    Standard plastic dust cover with logo. Hinges work. Dust cover condition better than average.
    Unit is missing one beige knob with fake wood inset.
    This is a unit that will require time and attention to restore and some expense.
    For Sale "as is" to hobbyists and DIY types who are looking for a unit to work on or recycle.
    $35.00 + packing & shipping
  7. One pair of working SPEAKERS FOR KLH MODEL TWENTY:
    The speakers could use some refinishing and perhaps new grill cloths but they were serviced in 2013, receiving new caps and surround sealing at Vintage AR in Albany.
    $70.oo per pair + packing & shipping
  8. We have a MODEL ELEVEN Portable with good cosmetics on the main unit. Speakers work and housings are good. Everything seems to work well. KLH/Garrard turntable with thin tone arm tube and head. 3 prong detachable AC cord.
    $195 + packing and shipping is our predicted selling price, pending detailed inspection.
  9. We took in a complete MODEL TWENTY system with speakers. Cosmetics are excellent and even the paper schematic on the base underside is intact. Dust cover in good condition. All inputs and turntable function. There is no output on one channel. We are looking into repairing this unit and putting it up for sale as a working unit.
  10. We took in MODEL ELEVEN W system with excellent cosmetics. It will play records but changer mechanism is not working well. All inputs and outputs work but electronics are very noisy and unlistenable. We have yet to evaluate its suitability for repair.
  11. We took in a complete MODEL ELEVEN W system that has all the basic parts in decent shape. This includes dust cover, cartridge, wood base, speakers. KLH badging still intact. Speaker Grills stained. Speakers sound good. This would make a good DIY restoration project and even in current shape looks nice and plays the aux input well. Changer spins in manual mode but speed is slow and changer functions don't work. Electronics appear clean and clear with some need, of course, for minimal pot cleaning.
  12. NEWLY ADDED IN MID-2018 but still being evaluated:
    A nice MODEL ELEVEN-W BASE UNIT with properly hinged dust cover, beige & brown inset knobs, thin tone arm changer. Looks good. Attached power cord.
    A beat up MODEL TWENTY BASE UNIT with thin tone arm. For Parts Only. Attached power cord.
    A fairly nice MODEL ELEVEN portable with Gerrard AT-6 changer and original Model 11 cosmetics. 2 prong power cord included. May work well except for bad output jack connection which we could repair. Speakers should be purchased separately from our stock.
    A cosmetically decent MODEL TWENTY base unit with thin tone arm changer and both AM and FM TUNERS. Working hinged dust cover and attached power cord. Beige and brown inset cosmetics.


In 2018 we got an excellent cosmetic condition MODEL TWENTY AM/FM with the highly desirable wood and plastic breadbox dust cover. This is a rare one that we are keeping for our personal collection where it will join an equally rare MODEL TWENTY-FIVE console. Sorry, both of these are too good to let go!

The Bedford Consultancy studies all aspects of recording and reproduction in those first glorious decades of stereo, 1955 - 1975. We are enthusiasts for all things Kloss. We remember and honor the extraordinary career of HENRY KLOSS, whose classic designs enriched so many lives with innovative and affordable audio technology.

Many Kloss components are on display at our office in Nazareth, PA.